10 Things Everyone Absolutely Hates

The opposite of love is hate. Amongst the seven billion people on this planet, there is certainly seventy percent of the population that hates something or someone based on research. Here are ten of the commonly hated things and persons by the majority of the people.


I think everybody hates gossipers. People don’t like other’s stabbing their backs since it really hurts their feelings. Being gossiped is the opposite of being praised; the same feeling is felt but just the other way around.

No Money

Everything nowadays is bought using the money. We study and work to earn money and survive this life. Most of us hate it when we cannot buy the things we needed or just the things we want. It just feels good to have something to hold on in times of starvation.

Slow Internet Connection

The advent of technology gave rise to a different generation; a more social and active generation. Connecting to different people from around the globe or even just streaming and surfing on the internet is one of the daily routines in the lives of the people and a slow internet connection is just a something to be hated.

Low Battery

When we still want to continue socializing and surfing the internet, we often hate it when our mobile phone or even laptops need charging.


Sleeping is just the best thing to do when we are tired or bored. Sometimes we set alarms to wake us up mostly in the morning but it’s obvious that everyone hates. No one wants to get disturbed in their sleep, no one.


Teachers give assignments for students to learn in their houses but no student likes an assignment. It serves as a nuisance to their peaceful and calm life.


It is normal that in the road, traffic exist and it is even normal when people hate because they might get tardy in their works or in their school and most especially when they have flights scheduled in the airport.

Noisy Surroundings

We do like peaceful surroundings. A noisy one just blows our state of mind and we tend to blame those people who create the noise. Well, it is really them who deserve blaming.

Filthy Toilets

Ever experienced a call of nature and when you come up in a filthy restroom? Who would not hate that? ; Especially if some things are floating in the toilet bowl.

Talking about poop while eating

Almost everyone doesn’t like talking about poops and dirty stuff on the dining table. Aside from it is gross; it is also a disgrace and a bad manner in the table.